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About Us

Founded in 2007 in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Norbu Bijoux showcases accessories that are carefully handpicked from talented upcoming creatives as well as established artists from all over the world. Collectively, we offer jewelry fashioned by many independent designers to ensure that each and every customer finds exactly what they’re searching for. Our selection of artists is constantly evolving and being updated, with new designers being added each season.

Whether it be casual day-to-day wear, or for more eccentric occasions, our small business guarantees high quality, versatile pieces that evoke confidence for each individual wearing it. We mesh value with affordability, and ensure that our customers are receiving the very best, at an exceptionally reasonable price.

We source only the items we love and hope you’ll love them too.

Our customers can trust that each piece of jewelry is handpicked with careful attention for durability, quality and style. No matter the occasion, you’ll find a design that suits your needs.