LZZR - Long Reck Necklace


The Long Reck Necklace is super light and colorful. Your choice of metal components and chain color. When choosing, please keep in mind that the first color listed is the smaller rectangle and the second color is the longer piece. Sterling Silver or Oxidized (black) Sterling Silver chain available. All necklaces are soldered closed for security - no clasp

Matte, brushed metal

35" chain

Reclaimed metal pendant


LZZR Jewelry is hand made and crafted in Los Angeles,CA. Many LZZR pieces contain bronze and copper components. Due to the nature of these base metals, spotting and discoloration will occur after wear. An earth friendly coating has been applied to every bronze and copper piece to aid against tarnish and skin discoloration. However, this coating will wear off over time. Please consider these unique imperfections as jewelry enhancements, not as defects. If you find that your skin is susceptible to discoloration after wearing bronze or copper, we advise you to choose sterling silver instead. Please note that we will not take responsibility for this naturally occurring characteristic. Oxidized chain will also wear and show more of the natural sterling silver color. 


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